​Pilates Body Fitness is moving on!  We will be moving out of our studio in North Seattle and will be in hiatus during the Covid-19 crisis.  Stay well everyone!

 A duet offers two people instruction on all apparatus.  This is a great situation if you would like to share a workout session with a friend or partner that has workout goals similar to yours.  A duet session may be purchased singly or as a 4 duet or 8 duet package.



specializing in private and small group instruction 

Private Instruction

A private session offers one on one instruction on all apparatus (reformer, trap table, chair and props).  A session will typically run 50-55 minutes. Private sessions may be purchased singly or as a 4 private or 8 private package.


private and Semi-private pilates classes in Seattle

Semi-privates offer 3 to 4 people instruction on all apparatus.  Although a semi-private session is directed by an instructor, students are expected to work towards semi-independence in the workout.  It is highly recommended that the student have some pilates experience before joining a semi-private class.  Semi-privates are available in packages of 4 or 8.



Pilates Body Fitness