2017 pilates body fitness prices


New Client Introductory Private                                                                                 $31.79



Single Private Session                                                                                                $70


4 Private Package                                                                                                       $260

($65 per session)


8 Private Package                                                                                                       $480

($60 per session)




Single Duet Session                                                                                                     $42

(Prices listed are per person)


4 Duet Package                                                                                                            $160

($40 per person per session)


8 Duet Package                                                                                                            $304

($38 per person per session)




(Maximum enrollment of 4 students.  Semi-private rates also apply to

the Pilates Mat/Tower and Pilates Jumpboard classes.)


4 Semi-private Package                                                                                             $140

($35 per person per class)


8 Semi-private Package                                                                                             $240

($30 per person per class)


6 Semi-private Class Punchcard                                                                               $210

($35 per class)


(A 6 class punch card allows drop-ins to semi-private classes on a

space available basis.  A punch card expires 6 months from the date

of purchase.)

Sales tax will be added to the prices listed below.

Private, duet and semi-private packages expire 3 months from date of purchase.

We accept payment by cash, check or credit card. 

Pilates Body Fitness

class rates

private and Semi-private pilates classes in Seattle