Pilates Body Fitness

private and Semi-private pilates classes in Seattle

"One of the best pilates studios in town for SURE!!! Great teachers and beautiful studio!!"

- Kayoko P


"Buffy is an excellent instructor. Very motivational. Able to understand how your body works and make adjustments to her teaching so you can progress in your work out. Very friendly. Great equipment in the studio."

- Julie J


"Buffy is a very knowledegeable pilates instructor with years of experience. As her client, she has always tailored my pilates instruction to meet my needs. Buffy makes the sessions enjoyable and I have gotten a lot of benefit from working with her. "

- Diane J


"I've been doing pilates at Pilates Body Fitness for nearly 8 years. Buffy Sato provides a warm friendly environment, has years of valuable experience and is an excellent teacher!"

- Amie



"Learning Pilates with Buffy has been one of the best experiences in my life. Even just after a few months, I have gotten much stronger. My balance and flexibility is also improved in ways that benefit me throughout the week. I really love Pilates and have fun working with Buffy."

- Katie Sheehy


"As a senior citizen I found that my core had become quite weak due to lack of activity. With Buffy's help, I have been able to reverse that. I have also found that even in my 70's, I can handle the workouts and really enjoy them."

-  The Reverend Thomas Bigelow


"Pilates has so improved my balance and core strength. This is particularly important since I have a spinal cord injury and am unable to use my legs."

- Crystal Liston


"After much research in the area’s Pilates studios, I chose to invest my time and effort at Pilates Body Fitness. Buffy is a t horoughly passionate, knowledgeable professional. Her instruction is specific, comprehensive, and personal. Her studio is the right size for me, where I enjoy personal attention to my workout in a small group or in a private setting. As a beginner, I’ve achieved noticeable gains in a very short time under Buffy’s guidance, and have been a loyal student the past four years. I wouldn’t consider another studio, and highly recommend the practice of Pilates with Buffy."

- Andrea H


"Clean, well-maintained studio. Great teachers!"

- Adam N


"Buffy is amazing, the studio has really nice atmosphere and the equipment is all top notch."

- Katie R


"The studio is beautiful and conveniently located w/great parking. More importantly the instructor with whom I work is knowledgeable; creative and can teach the moves to a novice like me in a way I need to learn. I feel like I have her undivided attention each time I'm in a class, even though there are other students there."

- Terrie J

"Buffy tailors each session to the client. She also modifies poses if you have an injury, etc. She is awesome!!!"

- Lisa H


"Buffy is fabulous & the results are spectacular!"

- katie